Recycling Facts:

When used effectively, recycling programs can cost less than regular trash disposal.

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3 Easy Steps to Recycling

We have had many inquiries here at The Blue Run from people asking “Where do we begin?”  We have had many conversations with our valued customers and want to share the most common way to get started.  We hope you find it helpful!

3-easy steps to start a recycling program in your home:

Step 1

Choose a spot in your kitchen to place a small to medium size container to deposit your daily recyclables.

Please remember to rinse
clean ALL recyclables.

Step 2

Choose a spot in your home, (i.e. basement or garage) to place 2 large container/bins to sort your recyclables. The 2 containers will be used for:

Container #1: Paper & Boxboard
Container #2: Plastic, Metal, & Milk Cartons (note: for plastic containers look for recycling symbol number 1, 2, or 5 only)

Corrugated Cardboard should be flattened but because of it’s size, doesn’t necessarily need to be in a separate container, though many customers place it in a large plastic recycling bag.

Step 3

Once a week, place the lids securely on each container so as to protect them from the elements and place them at the curbside for pickup.

It is that easy to
recycle at home!

For illustration purposes, we have added some pictures of some of the containers used by our customers. We are always looking for suggestions from our customers as to a new method of organizing a household recycling program. Please feel free to email us your suggestion so that we may share this information with other dedicated recyclers.

Please note that we will accept any method you choose to get your recyclables to the curb as long as they remain clean and dry.

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to increase the tonnage of recyclables in your neighbourhood, by offering a weekly curbside pickup service. 
We believe most people want to recycle, but find it a hassle to having to transport the recyclables to the blue bins every week